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Sokoban++ is an excellent version of the classic game originated in Japan
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Sokoban++ is an excellent version of the classic strategy game originated in Japan. The concept behind the game is quite simple. The objective is to push the boxes and place them on the marked positions in the board, with as few moves as possible. Easier said than done, though. Not only will you need concentration, but also patience and the use of a strategy to analyze every move and find the most convenient one.

The game is absolutely absorbing and entertaining. You can play using either the keyboard or the mouse. The game interface is not very appealing, but you will find easy access to the most important actions such as unlimited undo and redo, use of any of the automatic solvers, save your current game, etc.

The game has originally 50 levels to solve; all of them truly challenging to the extent you may get to think they are unsolvable. However, the author affirms they all have a solution. We can play any of the levels at any moment, without needing to solve the previous one. You can also download from the web new levels and add them to the game since the program reads most popular sokoban level formats, such as room, world, or stage, including the most widely used XSokoban. Besides, there is a game editor through which we can create our own levels or modify the original ones.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Freeware
  • Fun and challenging
  • Allows us to create our own levels


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